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Welcome To RF Addiction

Information System of RF online server

LOW MIDDLE SERVER RATES like official server

LAST Update 26/02/17
☑ Max Lv : 66
☑ Exp : 12.5x
☑ Drop : 10.0x
☑ Animus : 8.0x
☑ MiningSpeed : 8.0x
☑ PTSkill & PTForce : 8.0x
☑ Booty resell : 10.0x
☑ Max Upgrade : +7
☑ Enable Quest : 50 & 56
☑ Middle Rate Upgrade
☑ Many Event & Friendly GM
☑ InGame Events
☑ Cash shop SYSTEM
☑ Items Mail SYSTEM, and characters features with CP currency
☑ Accountsvpremium have rate x1.5 more than normal + item pc bank classic
☑ 3rd Job disable
☑ Mastery Skills/Force disable
☑ Dragon Armor in dev
☑ Register access secure due at to much f**cking h@ck (link in FB group)
☑ Forum restrict access due at to much data h@k

Update 26/02/17

☑ Enchant no break under +4.
☑ bug de convert game cp ok.
☑ Correct bug de secure game cp.
☑ Ajust financial server ( rate x10 sells booty).
☑ del pils 1% exp captain clover.
☑ del upgraders & T6 set on mutant plan.
☑ del pils 1% passer gamma.
☑ Change system de convert dp vp et money
☑ 4b convert available by day
☑ 1vp=1m
☑ 1dp=50vp
☑ bug dps element correct.
Pbs :
-Hq & settlements normal loot + talic
-Elan Pbs ( Rockjaw,Taraven,Blink,Caliana Princess) : Type c 55 , t4 , talic, normal loot : Ticket trap / tower / jewelry box
SoulSinder Relic weapon unseal 30/50 % low rate et 70% l, Type D , 55type C/B
D Brother : Legacy blade, Talic, t4, Normal loot( brother elem etc..)
Strayer: Normal loot
Ghost : Rune , key Battle donjon 50/55
Belphegor : Rune, Leon box, normal loot
IzenCraker : 55 Supérior armor box, normal loot normal loot : Ticket trap / tower / jewelry box
Thor : 55 Supérior armor, Sealed relic weapon, normal loot (elem , jewelrybox)
Draco : Normal loot
Ring Leader : Normal loot

Farm : Assasin Builder B / Caliana / Curr / OCL

Update 20/02/17

☑ CHIP HP reduced.
☑ Assasin Builder B drops changed to drop more Cling.
☑ Caliana Atrock/Crew drops changed to Cling.
☑ Draco elan drops changed to Cling, T3,
☑ Ore+3 now gives T4's (low chances).
☑ New PB for event created (Wait for official announcement).
☑ GetBuff command Removed.
☑ Voting Shop points 15vp ! » new players :
☑ 1 month premium + 500 cash points

Update 17/02/17

☑ Ping/Lag issues resolved. ☑ Game CP Voting is automated. Each account receives 50 VP once a day. (Please support the server by Voting on the bottom of this main page of RF online server )
☑ Game CP Game Currency to Vote Points exchange rate now increased from 2Billion = 200VP to 2Billion = 400VP!
☑ Game Cash Points are now €6.00 for 2500 POINTS! Game cash shop
Drop Update:
☑ Sette Chandra, Desperado, and Psyper turncoats now drop ALL Elite Spells.
☑ Now you can find +3 Ores in Lazuwardian Soldiers!

Patch and AutoUpdater Only (OUR client base Required !!!)

Patch + AutoUpdater

OTHERS Downloads Locations : FULL CLIENT + autoUpdater

MediaFire (29 parts)
MEGA (in one Part)
MediaFire (in one Part)
Files server (in 29 Parts)

RF Online Private Server PVP Addiction

RF Online Private server

Join a private European (French) server Addiction of RF Online and play with an online gamers community.
Story : Dive into the Novus planet's heart and conquer the universe ! Fight against monsters and other breeds and explore the galaxy.

Choose a race and an unique class !

Bellatos : they're trading people, who use high technology techniques.
Accretians : mechanical creatures who long for a totalitarian regime. They have mass destruction weapons.
Coras : union forming people : they are gifted with religious powers, based on spirituality.

Private server PVP and RVR

RF online emphasises PVP : live the experience and dive into a fascinating universe ! Join the battle, you will enjoy having high quality stuff and a premium account for your two first months connected.

Equip the Dragon Armor and fight the elements of Novus ! Our RF online private server invite you to join US !!