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Server time: 2:32
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7:00 - 15:00 - 23:00
Welcome To RF Roasted Flem

Information System of RF online server

LOW MIDDLE SERVER RATES like official server

LAST Update 24/04/18
☑ Max Lv : 70
☑ Exp : 15x
☑ Drop : 8x
☑ Animus : 19x
☑ MiningSpeed : 12x
☑ PTSkill & PTForce : 10x
☑ Booty resell : 10x
☑ Max Upgrade : +7
☑ Enable Quest : 50 & 56
☑ Middle Rate Upgrade
☑ Many Event & Friendly GM
☑ InGame Events
☑ Cash shop SYSTEM
☑ Accounts premium have rate x2.0 more than normal + item pc bank classic + Jade reduce price NPC !
☑ 3rd Job disable
☑ Mastery Skills/Force disable
☑ Dragon Armor OK 65 & 70
☑ Register access secure
☑ Forum restrict access

Update 24/04/18

☑ Enchant no break under +4.
☑ bug de convert game cp ok.
☑ Correct bug de secure game cp.
☑ Ajust financial server ( rate x10 sells booty).
☑ del pils 1% exp captain clover.
☑ del upgraders & T6 set on mutant plan.
☑ del pils 1% passer gamma.
☑ bug dps element correct.

Update 18/04/18

☑ CHIP HP Adapted
☑ GetBuff command Removed.
» new players :
☑ 1 Week premium + 1000 cash points

Update 15/04/18

☑ Ping/Lag issues resolved. ☑ Game Cash Points are now €6.00 for 1000 POINTS! Game cash shop
Drop Update:
☑ New NPC's with New Items
☑ HQ/Ether/Elan/Elf/New Maps
☑ New Maps
☑ Elf Relics (Lv55+)Elf Sky Relics (Lv63+)Central Maze (Event)Lumenion Nortir (Farm 51+)
☑ Draco @ elan recovery 100%
☑ Exelsior PieceTC Sette
☑ Force Reavers (Elite), Isis
☑ Boggie Bolt ElementalBox
☑ BaBa Arrow/Bolt/Magazine/Rocket/Ammo Spec 1.5k
☑ -Control Chips GP 3k, Goldbox, All Mid Potion, GoldBar, etc
☑ HSK - GP 15k
☑ Gold Point System actived
☑ On All mobs Open Quest
☑ Ether :
☑ Caliana
☑ Volcanic cauldron :
☑ Giant Baba-Hum BabaInfernal -Draco
☑ OCL :
☑ Black Crow War Beast- Cremul Snatcher- Cremul Snatcher ArcherNaroom Crawler Scot- Naroom Crawler CaptainNaroom Crawler Destructive SoldierNaroom Crawler Lieutenant- Kukra Vafer CaptainKukra Vafer LieutenantCremul PatrolNaroom Patrol- Kukra Patrol
☑ NEW MAP 51+
☑ New Combine

Get Walnut Seed from Ore ProccessingCombine Walnut Seed (x10) to get Walnut Combine New Walnut x1/x3/x5/x10 to get high itemCombine Lv70 items with upgrader for Lv70 item (+4/+5) , gold bar combinaison (cw) x5 (give gold point random) and more :)

Patch and AutoUpdater Only (OUR client base Required !!!)

patch + AutoUpdater

Downloads Locations : FULL CLIENT + autoUpdater

GAME CP RF Online Username and Password must have 4-10 characters !!! (read this we dont help if you dont able to write correctly ^^)

If you don't have any game account yet, feel free to register a new account here . connect one once at the start and log out and go play :) If you have just Log out INGAME Please wait 2 min CoolDown to connect in GameCP NOT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT INGAME AND GAMECP IN SAME TIME !!!

CLIENT RF Online Roasted Flem

RF Online Private Server PVP Roasted Flem

RF Online Private server

Join a private European (French) server Roasted Flem of RF Online and play with an online gamers community.
Story : Dive into the Novus planet's heart and conquer the universe ! Fight against monsters and other breeds and explore the galaxy.

Choose a race and an unique class !

Bellatos : they're trading people, who use high technology techniques.
Accretians : mechanical creatures who long for a totalitarian regime. They have mass destruction weapons.
Coras : union forming people : they are gifted with religious powers, based on spirituality.

Private server PVP and RVR

RF online emphasises PVP : live the experience and dive into a fascinating universe ! Join the battle, you will enjoy having high quality stuff and a premium account for your two first months connected.

Equip the Dragon Armor and fight the elements of Novus ! Our RF online private server invite you to join US !!